Compelling Reasons Why is the Superior Alternative to Atera

Atera was a good unified platform. But as the popular saying goes, good is the biggest enemy of best.

We don’t like blowing our own trumpet...


Unified from Day-1

Still hopping between multiple tools to get a simple task done?

With Atera

  • You have to integrate with multiple tools for Project Management and IT documentation
  • You will lose context working with multiple tools and vendors.


  • You have truly unified PSA-RMM platform baked with Project Management and IT documentation.
  • You just need 1 platform to run your MSP operations! Entirely!


The Productivity Booster

Frustrated with dated, cluttered and clunky MSP platforms?

With Atera

  • You get a clunky platform that’s a pain to navigate.
  • Features that don’t give you the flexibility to run things YOUR way.


  • You get Kanban views, Time Triggers, Post-it notes, and a host of other features to boost Technician productivity.
  • You can save upto 2 hours every single week.


Unparalleled Vendor Support

Why suffer in the dark when we can talk?

With Atera

  • You can reach them ONLY via email and in-app chat. But be prepared to wait in a queue for hours.
  • Pray for a resolution within 24 hours.


  • You get 24*5 support across email, phone, and in-product chat.
  • You get a reply in under 30 minutes.


Reliable RMM

Using RMM should save time. Not waste time.