Arvind Parthiban

CEO and Co-founder,



Your software should not be expensive

Many MSP tech providers believe "they can” increase prices and customers will have to accede.'s philosophy is different.

Why we had a flash mob at #DattoCon

We heard a few weeks back from a couple of little birdies that the weather forecast for DattoCon was moody and gloomy. We wanted to bring our friends at DattoCon a little bit of fun and sunshine and, boy, did we!

1 min 30 sec

When acquisitions are handled badly, it affects the rest of us too

When acquisitions are not handled with care, all of us in the industry get affected.

What AIOps really is and why it’s transformational for MSPs

The tech world is rife with AI startups, and every other company comes with a ‘.ai’ domain name, promising product features driven by AI. Why, is one too!

Kaseya-Datto: A “marriage of convenience”, where customers pay the price

Not all acquisitions are made equal. Some are ideal marriages with synergies made in corporate heaven, while others are back alley deals gotten into for superficial convenience.

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