[Infographic] A quick guide to the MSP industry


A quick visual guide to the MSP industry, common challenges, and opportunities.

Imagine a world where every single organization, however big or small, had to handle their IT, distributed devices, networks, cybersecurity, and the entire IT infrastructure on their own. Imagine the chaos. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) take away the IT-related worries of organizations.

MSPs have been around since the early 2000s. With IT increasingly becoming a key infrastructure, and now the underlying infrastructure, the role of an MSP has never been more relevant. By using an MSP as an IT partner, organizations are able to focus on their core work and not have to worry about the health of their devices, the strength of their cybersecurity, or the latest tech solutions that would help improve efficiency.

MSPs have been a boon, especially for small and medium businesses that can’t afford to have a full-fledged internal IT team.  IT in such a situation becomes a distraction and a bother for the business owner or manager, rather than an enabler as it is intended. MSPs prevent this. 

Not just that, cyber attacks, data breaches, greater compliance requirements, and changing rules and regulations are additional worries that business owners and managers can’t really keep up with. Considering MSPs’ entire business is focused on worrying about offering the best IT solutions and ensuring clients are compliant and secure, this is one less worry that businesses have to deal with. 

It is no wonder then that MSPs have found an uptick in demand for their services. In recent years with the dramatic shift to remote work, businesses are increasingly relying on MSPs to manage and protect distributed devices and networks. 

Cost-saving is also significant; it is estimated that successful deployment of managed services helps reduce IT costs by 25-45% and will also increase operational efficiency by 45-65%. 

The infographic below is an in-depth guide to the current state of the MSP industry.

MSP-Industry-infographic (1).jpg

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