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Uh-oh. Did you hear the 'A' word again?

Effortlessly power through your day and the complexities of managing managed services with intelligent automation.


Key benefits of automation

Set up

Set up automation that mimics the changing needs of your team and clients


Intelligent ticket routing so every client request is assigned to the right technician for the job


Calculate billing hours accurately and send invoices on time automatically


I think the platform is really nice. Everything flows nicely and looks neat. The design and usability of the product are really good.

Osiris Technologies


Documenting processes is boring. But you'll love it with SuperOps.ai

Using conditional logic, create dynamic runbooks once and use it multiple times. Oh hey! It's even easier and faster to standardize and update your team's recurring runbooks with SuperOps.ai. 



A sure-shot route to your customer's heart

By adding a layer of automation to your ticketing process, you can reduce the work in incident identification, triage, and assignment — all this while helping your technicians to focus on problem resolution and root cause remediation.



Intelligent alerting because who has the time for false alarms

Obviously, you’re not manually monitoring your assets 24x7. And, you’ve got so many assets to monitor that you couldn’t even if you wanted to. It's easy to miss the unusual. SuperOps.ai monitors your assets and notifies you immediately when something unusual happens with your clients' IT assets.


Set your new technicians up for success

New technicians need help learning what they need to do and how they need to do it. Using runbook automation for all your policies and procedures, you can get your technicians up and running from day one and stay efficient.



Track billable hours without hassle

You can set up automation to calculate various charges and combine them all into a single concise invoice. You can take this a step further by automatically invoicing clients to save time and eliminate errors.


Make work effortless for you and your technicians


Our intelligent automation gives you more time to build business relationships.

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