features - alert management

Get the right signals

Resolve the critical and the not-so-critical incidents even before your users get to know about them.


Key benefits of alert management


Set up alerts to take stock of all the assets in your clients' environments so you know what's broken


Get all the information and context you need to fix affected assets in no time


Determine which assets need your attention using intelligent automation for each asset group or client


I think the platform is really nice. Everything flows nicely and looks neat. The design and usability of the product are really good.

Robbie Emerson

Osiris Technologies


Client's IT environment looking like a crime scene? We don't think so. 

Get real-time alerts on incidents so your technicians can get a quick overview of the overall health of all the assets in your client's environment. This way, you know nothing important slips through the cracks. 


Restore service operations without batting an eye

Your technicians can create a comprehensive and active feed of incidents so they know which devices to focus on, identify the probable root cause, and proactively fix them even before your client hears about it.



Fixing critical incidents require critical information; we keep it handy for you

Get comprehensive and context-rich incident alerts, so you readily have all the information you need to resolve the incident by running scripts, creating tickets, running commands in windows console, or executing patches. 



We promised you intelligent automation and here it is

You can create custom policies specific to assets in each client's environment. Every alert is mapped to its respective asset(s), device information, and tickets if any. This enables you to determine automation rules for individual thresholds for each asset and incident type. 



Get all hands on deck to resolve incidents faster

Some incidents require multiple technicians to work together and collaborate on. We've made it easier to create tickets for incidents and assign them to the right team or technicians where they can collaborate internally or even with your clients for initiating incident handling actions. 


Get the alerts you want and none of the rest


Proactively fix issues with the right alerts using SuperOps.ai

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